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What is a Graduate Program?

Graduate Programs are professional development opportunities designed specifically for new or recent graduates to assist them in their transition from university to full time employment. Typically, students are eligible to apply for graduate programs during their final year of their degree to commence the position the following year. Recent graduates are also eligible to apply for graduate programs and depending on the company and their requirements, are eligible to apply within the first 2 years upon graduating from their degree. 

The length of a Graduate Program can vary between one to three years depending on the company and department you work for.

What are the benefits of a Graduate Program?

Undertaking a graduate program is a great way for you to transition from study to employment. These programs are designed to provide a supportive work environment, allow you to work in a variety of roles throughout the program via a rotational schedule, provides paid on the job training and focuses primarily on providing learning and development within your desired career area. 

Graduate Programs also allow you to work collaboratively within a team environment where you will have the opportunity to contribute your skills and ideas to major projects within the company. 

How can you prepare for a Graduate Program?

Our Careers and Employability team can offer a range of services to assist you in your preparation for graduate programs and future career. Book an appointment with a career adviser today to find out more about graduate programs, how to prepare and why these are beneficial within your field of study. A career adviser can also review your selection criteria and resume when it comes time to submitting an application for a graduate program. 

You can book an appointment with a career adviser via the "Appointments" tab located on the CareerHub home page. We also recommend attending internal and external networking events advertised via the "Events tab" as these sessions will provide you with valuable information about the organisations offering graduate programs, what to expect and how you can stand out as an applicant in a pool of graduates.

Typical Graduate Program process:

Most graduate programs are advertised late February and early March of each year, although other graduate programs including Registered Nursing Graduate Programs are usually advertised in early July.

The typical process of a graduate program is;

  • The Graduate Program is formally advertised - check CareerHub, Seek.com.au, jobs.wa.gov.au and company Lnkedin profiles regularly during the graduate program season
  • Typically organisations will ask for a response to set criteria.  This is done by either providing a response to selection criteria or cover letter together with your resume.  For assistance with producing these documents, please refer to our Get Ready Hack series in the resources section
  • Your written application will be uploaded to the company website's graduate program vacancy page
  • The next stage usually includes undertaking some form of online psychometric or aptitude testing.   This usually involves testing of literacy, numeracy and reasoning skills, further information can be found here:  https://au.gradconnection.com/blog/students/post/h...
  • Here are links which you can practice; 





  • Depending on the location of the company, you will be asked in for an interview either in person, or via skype or other video platform.  For assistance with interviews, please refer to our Get Ready Hack series in the resources section
  • Applicants are then invited to an Assessment Centre, where your communication, interpersonal, negotiation and influencing skills are assessed in person, during simulated activities in pairs, groups and individually. 
    • For further information about assessment centres please see;




Applicants are then notified of their success with their application.  If you are not successful with your application, ask for feedback so you are aware of what is needed to improve your future performance.

See here for a real life example of how PwC delivers their graduate program; https://gradaustralia.com.au/accounting/how-to-nav...

See further information about graduate programs here; https://gradaustralia.com.au/career-planning/what-...

Build your dream career, anywhere, anytime.

Published 19 Apr 2018, 4:36 pm, by Katherine Valvasori

To help you make effective decisions and become a work-ready graduate, the online module will prompt you to think about who you are, what is important to you and the opportunities available in the current job market. The online module will guide you through four topics:

Topic 1: Know Yourself
• Reflect on your personal interests
• Identify skills related to your interests
• Identify your skills, strengths, and weaknesses
• Examine your vocational interests

Topic 2: Career Planning
• Begin to set career related goals
• Develop your study and occupational interests into an action plan for your future

Topic 3: Know Your Job market
• Develop strategies for gathering information on jobs, employers and industry sectors

Topic 4: Market Yourself
• Create professional job application documents
• Understand how to prepare for job interviews
• Develop your networking skills

The self-paced online module allows you to choose all four topics, or just choose the most relevant topics at any time convenient to you.

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What is a Graduate Program?

Published 8 Mar 2016, 3:06 pm, by Holly Johnsen

Final year students can apply for graduate programs now

Graduate programs are designed specifically for new or recent graduates and are offered by government departments and large organisations. Recruitment for graduate programs will generally commence in semester one of the final year of your degree. Many organisations are taking applications for graduate programs in March this year for employment in February of the following year.

You can keep up to date with exciting news about graduate programs by logging in to CareerHub and joining GraduateHub. Graduate programs are an opportunity to kick-start your career.

Any queries about GraduateHub and graduate programs can be directed to careers@ecu.edu.au or (61 8) 6304 5899.

How can you improve the quality of your graduate program application?

Published 17 Mar 2015, 2:41 pm, by Careers and Leadership Services

  • Research companies offering graduate programs and know when you need to apply
  • Allow sufficient time to write your application
  • Create a LinkedIn account and understand the benefits of online networking
  • Attend events advertised on CareerHub to develop your application
  • Build your network by volunteering and joining the mentor program

Useful websites

Published 11 Mar 2015, 11:08 am, by Careers Services